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Partial Project List

Kelly Sheridan - Autumn Sky Wolfe - John5 - Harley Davidson 3D - Wirewood - Stealing Spitfires - American idol - Beautifully Mad - Tony King and Nina Vox - Jennifer Love Hewitt - Shia LaBeouf - Didi Benami - Animal Bag - Jason Castro - Margo Harshmen - Adrianne (AKA Adrianna) Leon - Michael Welch - Brooks Wackerman - Prince Franklin Vanderbilt - Mike Dawson - No Authority - Dennis MacKay - Dave Navarro - Dave Mason - Malibu ER - Henry Root - Sylvia Riera - Jeanette Jurado - Adrianne (Adrianna) Leon - Joe Walsh - Noisepie - Omar Torrez - Calvin James Johnson- HaHaHalfway - Steven Adler - Billy Paulsen (Lucid Lynx - The Perks) - Dwight De Reiter - Chant - Molly McNight Capitol EMI - Seal - Bonnie Raitt - Mindi Abair - MJJ Records - Interscope Records - Capitol Records - Malibu ER - EMI Records - Sony Records - Delos Records - JoJo Laine - Jimmy Miller - GunsNRoses - Great White - Stan Freberg - Wirewood - Ryan Dufford -
Sir Paul McCartney/Beatles Anthology - London Oratorio

What Is industry Saying About Starmaker Machinery?

"Meredith Day has written the ultimate guidebook for anyone aspiring to make it in the entertainment industry. Her years of experience gives "Starmaker Machinery" a unique perspective. Don't waste another minute trying to educate yourself on the ins and outs of the entertainment world. Buy this book and get an insider's advantage."

Del Breckenfeld, Director, Entertainment Marketing for Fender Musical Instruments Corp. Brilliant Chief Amplifier for Amplify Entertainment and author of "The Cool Factor: Building Your Brand's Image Through Partnership Marketing.


Malibu ER Chili Cookoff Benefit

For Henry Root, ESQ., What an iconic group of artists and great fundraiser!
Attendees included Brian Wilson, Brian Keith, Olivia Newton John, Michael Landon, Ali McGraw and Cheech Marin.

Meredith Day Development Project Portfolio

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Kelly Sheridan - Trussart's Vault

Bass, Flute, Piano - Vocalist
Comprehensive artist services.
Photo By James Trussart


Steven Adler GunsNRoses

Artist Portrait Photography.
Lots of adorable pugs.


Jimmy Miller - Prod. Rolling Stones

Portrait shot for Music Connection Magazine


JoJo Laine

Artist Portrait for Joe Viglione. A wonderful, entertaining, talented artist.

Jason Castro-3D

Jason Castro

3D merch cards for American Idol reunion. 2d to 3d conversion for David Helfant.


Prince Franklin Vanderbilt - Lenny Kravitz

Award nominated duet with Autumn Sky Wolfe “Complicated Eyes” Pic from photo shoot.

didi benami-sm

Didi Benami

3D merch cards for American Idol Reunion. 2d to 3d conversion for David Helfant.

concord 3D

Mindi Abair

3D merch cards, what a nice and talented artist! 2d to 3d conversion.

Meredith Day Development Project Portfolio

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Autumn hdsht1

Autumn Sky Wolfe

Singer - Voice Over Artist - 10 yeqrs of Talent Development and Music Production.


Shelvis and The Roustabouts

Great Colorado Band. Miscellaneous promotional services.


Led Zeppelin - Atlantic

Well, that was a fun shoot for my male assistants!

Rock%20Me%20 %20Molly%20McNight

Molly McNight

Exclusive music composition and production. Co Produced with Dennis MacKay, the late James Calvin Johnson and Tom Capek.


Frozen Ground 3D Documentary

Shooting 3D documentary in Alaska for Panasonic with Dan Wolfe and Jesse Brunt.


3D Camera Prototype - Lonnie Lardner

Lonnie was my first 3D fan. 3D exhibition at her gallery at the Beverly Hilton.


Josh Evans

Now a film producer, son of Ali Mcgraw and Robert Evans. Photo shoot at 16 at the request of Robert Evans.



3D portrait of a multi talented genius. At the request of Dave Weiderman - Guitar Center.

Meredith Day Development Project Portfolio

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Joe Walsh

Artist Photo shoot.


Brooks Wackerman

fFull artist development, irst band “Child Abuse” photo shoot. Also organized second Band “Mustang Sally”. Went from there to “Bad4Good”.


Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky

Hand clapping on track by Molly McNight for recording at CBS. Produced by Erik Jacobsen at request of the session drummer Norman Mayell.


Doc Neeson - The Angels

Promotional photo shoot. What a warm, kind person. Also produced unreleased visoe shoot.


May Pang

3D merch display image for her book release of John Lennon’s photographs.


Mike Dawson - Dawsangeles

Artist 2 & 3D Photo shoot


Dave Weiderman - RockWalk Award Plaques

Designed and produced RockWalk Award plaques for Dave Weiderman.


Jennifer Love Hewitt - Fandel Management

Promotional photo shoot at 10 years old for her manager David Helfant. What a great career she’s had!

Meredith Day Development Project Portfolio

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Margo Harshman

Comprehensive artist development and management. Secured her first role on Even Stevens. Subsequently transferred Margo's management to Elain Lively. Currently “Deliah” on  NCIS.


Josh Paul

Bass player. Hot Potty - Suicidal Tendencies - Social Distortion. Artist photo at request of Brooks Wackerman.


Jeanette Jurardo

2 and 3D Artist Portraitrue. So talented. What a fun shoot. Jeanette had a great manager, Sylvia Riera.


John West

Designed cd cover and promotional posters for release. I love listening to John play the pipe organ. What an immensely talented person!


James Trussart 3D

3D photography and video for James Trussart in his vault.


Michael Welch

Great Actor. Even Stevens - Twilight - Portrait photography


Robert Day at the Improv

Youth showcase by Julie Phelen.


Tony King playing my Trussart at LadyJ’s Peace Gallery.

What a talented musician and artist!

Meredith Day Development Project Portfolio

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Robert Gallup

World renown illusionist. Self promotional portrait photography.


Shari Tjsui Brasher

Photo shoot for swimwear shop in Encinitas California.


Steve Gadd

Produced Rock Walk award plaque for Dave Weiderman - Guitar Center.


Gerard Schwarz

3D portrait for record store lightbox display for Delos Records.


Jeanette Jurado

Promotional portrait session for Jeanette’s manager Sylvia Reira - Expose


Adrianne AKA Adrianna Leon

Full talent development. Shopped her to TV industry for soundtrack and on screen talent placement on soap operas.


Dave Weiderman

Designed and fabricated RockWalk award plaques for Dave Weiderman. Thank you for the gig Dave!



Photography RockWalk inductees and award plaque fabrication for dave weiderman - Guitar Center.

Meredith Day Project Development Portfolio

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Stan Freberg - Federal Budget Revue

Multiple prototype designs and fabrication for film productions.


Dan Wolfe Photography

Liquer ad, costume design


Daniel Chavez

In Brooks Wackerman’s early band “Child Abuse” or ‘Mustang Sally". Daniel would not stop soloing. Did a 7 minute solo and got fired. Very talented guitarist.


Dan Wolfe for Burger King

Burger King promotional poster shoot for Star Wars release, 1977.


Best Friends

Brooks Wackerman, Josh Paul and John Wackerman. What a group! Photo session. 


Dan Wolfe - Kawasaki

Set design and construction for Barry Wetmore for print ad.


Dan Wolfe - Chiat Day

Set design for Dan wolfe and jay Chiat, what a big company they became.


Joel Taylor - Trussart

2 & 3D promotional video shoot for James Trussart and Joel Taylor.

Meredith Day Project Development Portfolio

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Ryan Dufford and Halfway Decent plays the Troubadour

Comprehensive artist development. Booked the show for him. Thank you GinaB! Won Kroq battle of the bands.


Molly McNight and Rocketman Len Day

Photo by art Director Richard Welsted Day. Wrote and produced all of Molly McNight’s musis with various co producers.


Mindi Abair

3D conversion merch card shoot for Concord Records. Thank you Frieder Hochheim and KinoFlo!

55949830_2715997851743746_2824049286130434048_n 1

Terri L. McCoy with Angel’s jacket

Band photo shots. One of my favorite photographs.


Boo Duckworth - Animal Bag

Comprehensive artist development and management. Playing at the top of the stairway to heaven


“One More Night"

Calvin James, Vince Denham, Dennis Mackay, Molly McNight, Michael Towers. Written by Meredith Day, sung by Molly McNight. The masters were stolen, never released.


With Dan Wolfe - Frozen Ground Documentary

Produced documentary 3D video with Dan Wolfe for Susie Ogihara, Panasonic. Using all Panasonic 3D Video cameras.


Photographer Robert Day's portrait of Animal Bag

A great photographer at 4 years old! Pictured at Los Angeles County Fair exhibition with his winning band photo of Animal Bag.

Meredith Day 3D Photography

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Netsch Promo-3d

Netch self promotion

2d to 3d conversion for Dahlan Netsch Creative

Ganesh By-Aldridge-sm

Ganesh by Alan Aldrige

Spec 2d to 3d conversion

bunny cd-3d-merch

Bunny Brunel

2d to 3d conversion, merch card sample


Holiday Card

2d to 3d Holiday Card. Animated conversion including producing all the source photography.

somewhere within_sm

Somewhere Within

Wall art 2d to 3d conversion for fabulous American Artist Richard Chamberlain


Wedding Bliss

Wedding “Thank You” card for Yoshihiro Mori - Panasonic

dawson 3dalg4

Mike Dawson - Dawsangeles

3d animated shoot

john5 3DA


Wall art 3D. Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth, KD Lang. Animated wall art 3D shoot at request of Dave Weiderman - Guitar Center.

Meredith Day 3D Merchandising


Blue Ivy Wedding Planners

Animated 3d Engagement Announcement


Hope Easton - The Mad Cellist

3d merch card

jaqueline guitar-sm

Jaqueline Epcar

Genghis Cohen Club translight performer display.

gahan wilson

Born Dead Still Weird

Gahan Wilson Documentary Merch card for producer Steven-Charles Jaffe

Jason Castro-3D

Jason Castro - American Idol

2D to 3D conversion for American Idol Reunion Merch Cards for David Helfant.

Valora 3d-Poster


Wall art 2d to 3d conversion for David Helfant.


Grabowski Brothers

2d to 3d conversion merch card.


Wedding Souvenir 3d card

An unforgettable wedding souvenir

Meredith Day Fine Art 3d Projects

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exit the-coward-sm

Exit The Coward by Nina Vox

Wall art 2d to 3d conversion for Nina Vox - Beautifully Mad

RomeWedding sm

Roman Wedding by Reisig and Taylor

2d to 3d conversion for photographers Resig and Taylor.

Kleiman_Yellow Bird_sm

Flying Bird by George Kleiman

24 Wall art 2d to 3d conversions for George Kleiman.

gluttony sm

Gluttony by Kurt Wenner

Wall art 2d to 3d conversion for Kurt Wenner.

marilyn sm

Marilyn by Nina Vox

Wall art 2d to 3d conversion for Nina Vox - Beautifully Mad..

the comittee-sm

The Committee by Meredith Day

2d to 3d photography and composit wall art. 


Underwater by Dr. Emily Meek

Wall art 2d to 3d conversion, 2 images.

unsung artist-sm

Unsung Artist by Joyce Wycoff

Wall art 2d to 3d conversion

unionoil 1

Union Oil by Jim McHugh

2d to 3d conversion promotional pieces.

RomeWedding sm

Roman Wedding by Resig and Taylor

2d to 3d conversion

vegetables a-3dsm

Vegetables by Meredith Day

2d to 3d conversion


Jacob Maarse floral art

3d photo shoot

Meredith Day 3D Point Of Purchase Displays

spy kids-4Dweb

Spy Kids Backlit One Sheet

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Riverton sm

Theatre Lobby Display

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Movie Backlit One Sheet

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InMagazine 3D Cover

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John West Show Poster

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Hollywood Reporter 3d Cover



Mindi Abair 3d promo card

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gahan wilson%201

Born Dead Still Weird Lobby One Sheet

Documentary by Steven_Charles Jaffe